Monday, January 17, 2011

Suite101 vs. Yahoo! Contributor Network: The Experiment

I recently found myself faced with a difficult question and no real answer at hand. After a little brainstorming with myself I came up with an idea for an experiment.

Since being approved to write for Suite101 I have been busy reading the guidelines and searching through articles about – none other than – writing for money. I find it interesting and a learning experience to read what other people are saying about freelance writing. I also find it inspirational and motivating, but I digress . . .

I have been working on an article that I plan to submit to Yahoo! Contributor Network. In the midst of researching Suite101 and writing an article for Y!CN a thought occurred to me. Why couldn’t I republish the same, or similar, article on Suite101 AND Y!CN? I was interested in learning whether or not I could get more visibility for my articles and make more money if I publish it on both sites.

An important item I learned while researching Suite101 was that they carry full rights to my articles for one year. After one year I can republish my articles on other sites. This is very important to know! It means that if I publish an article on Suite101 I cannot publish the same article anywhere until a year has passed.

This leads me to the difficult question. Where can I make the most money? Suite101? or Y!CN?

When I look at the payment options between Suite101 and Y!CN I learned that Y!CN pays upfront and performance payments for pieces that have not been published. They pay performance payments for pieces that have been published. Let’s say I have an article that I have yet to publish. By submitting it to Y!CN I have a better chance at making a little upfront money PLUS performance payments. I have yet to publish anything so I cannot say what the upfront or performance payments are.

How can I make money with Suite101? I can make money through advertising. How much depends on traffic and interest in the advertisements on the page where my article is.

After careful thought and consideration I have come up with an experiment. I will send an article to Y!CN and one to Suite101 on the same day. The idea is to compare the editing process and time frame for publication – that is if the articles are approved. I can also see which site offers the most earning potential.

Wish me luck! I will keep you posted.

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