Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Testing ... Testing

Unfortunately, I am not a computer guru. I know enough to be dangerous.

With that being said, I am always testing how things work in this online world.

Testing to see how to create a blog - DONE.

Testing to see how to link from one place to another - DONE.

Testing to see how to create a URL from a word document - LEARNING.

I have found that one of the best tools to use for testing how the online world works is to use your blog or website. These are useful tools that don't just spread the word about your great invention or best selling novel ... Blogs and websites are also the essence of innovation, learning and moving forward.

The challenge I was having was creating a document in Word and then giving it a place on the Web; an address where I could use as a hyperlink.

This is my the result of my test, but first let me give you the back story .....

In a recent post I proudly announced the launching of a dream ... the birth of a company, Immortal Spark Publishing, LLC. ISP is currently focusing on a directory of services, information, and resources for those affected by sexual violence. One of the many goals of this resource tool is to bridge the gap between victims of sexual violence and the agencies and organizations who offer support, information and resources.

In an effort to promote the directory and assist the agencies listed within the over 500 pages, ISP is offering a unique and incredible opportunity to businesses and individuals.

That is the back story. I created a document on my computer - a letter providing information on a matter of great importance and an awesome opportunity - and uploaded the file to Scribd.com. From there a link was created.

I provide the link here.

Scribd.com is an excellent source for creating links for your documents. It makes it easier to share your work with others ... I recommend it to anyone who wants to get information to a wide audience in a timely manner.

I tested how to change my documents to a link and am greatly pleased with the results!

Launching a Dream

It is true that you should never quit on a dream. I had a dream to help others and publish my own writing. After more than a year of planning, researching, more researching and more planning, my dream has been launched and a company born.

How I started ….

One of the phrases I constantly came across as I researched for ways to make money with writing was this:

Write what you know.

After several brainstorming sessions with myself I came to the conclusion that I could help others by writing about something I knew, but what did I know?

Several more brainstorming sessions later I came up with one of the best ideas I have ever had. Not only did I realize that I did know something I could write about, but I could utilize this knowledge and create a publishing company that could get the information to the public on my terms.

I present to you a company with a purpose to create and distribute information that deal with one’s emotional health and well-being.

I proudly introduce you to a publishing company with heart and one on a mission to help those in need all across this beautiful United States of America.

The mission of this company is fourfold:

1.      Produce and promote high quality works of literature that heighten the human spirit and connect hearts across America.

2.      Challenge readers, through literary venues, to look deeper into the crevices of the mind and transform that which is negative into something positive.

3.      Support and enhance collaboration between those who offer help, hope and healing to others.

4.      Build strong, healthy minds, bodies and spirits.

I give you IMMORTAL SPARK PUBLISHING, LLC. Where the aim is to forever touch lives one word at a time.

ISP is a product of my brainstorming, my dreaming and my believing in myself enough to get the company off the ground.

You are encouraged to visit ISP’s Facebook page. Be sure to “Like” so you can receive updates on the company as well as life-improving information.

ISP is currently putting together a directory of services, information and resources for those affected by sexual violence. The mission of the directory is to:

·         Create a resource tool composed of organizations across the nation who are working to reduce the incidence of sexual assault by providing support, information and resources;

·         Provide a sexual assault resource directory to those seeking support, hope and healing after an assault, and for those interested in helping to eliminate sexual violence.

Updates on this important resource tool will come in the following weeks. If you would like more information, please send an email to immortalsparkpublishing@gmail.com.