Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Welcome to My First Blog!

Yes! I have finally taken the advice from everything I have read on the Internet about getting started as a writer . . . I am now a blogger! **smiling**

For several months I tossed around the idea of creating a blog. I researched other blogs from people who were either getting into the freelance writing business, or have been in the business for years, to get ideas about being a writer on the web and how to make money at it. I would get excited and inspired when I read these blogs. I thought, 'YES! If these people can do it, so can I!' But, when I would turn off my computer I would be greeted with "Doubtful Daydreams". In other words, I would second guess my abilities as a writer. My confidence would plummet. I would wonder if what I had to say would be important enough for others to read. There are several blogs from people who are more adapt at writing, can write clearer, and have a ton more experience than I do. I had to answer an important question - what did I have to offer?

Then I thought, 'What the heck!' I have to try something, right? I can sit and read about other people and their writing experiences until the dog learns to let himself out for a potty break. I can give myself pity-taps and make excuses about why I shouldn't pursue my dream of being an independent writer; a freelance writer! I can sit and do nothing, and THAT is inexcusable!

So, when I considered an answer to the question, 'What do I have to offer?' I came up with something. . . My own writing experience!

I have suppressed the "Doubtful Daydreams" and created this blog which lay in the shadow of many great blogs from freelance writers (a list of these blogs will be coming in following posts). It is my goal to provide assistance to fledgling writers. I may not have a great deal of experience, but I do have some! I hope my knowledge about being a writer and ways to make money at it are helpful.

Welcome to my first blog! I hope you find it useful!


  1. You go girl! Congrats on your new blog. It looks really nice! But, watch out, it's addicting!