Monday, November 18, 2013

Inspiration in Unusual Places

If we were to look closely, we may discover inspiration in strange places.

Inspiration moves us to do the things we do, helping to add fuel to our emotions and awaken our senses. When we are inspired we feel EXCITEMENT and LIFE.

Oftentimes we are inspired by the simplest of things: the sunshine, a smile, the smell of fall leaves. We find inspiration in the people we meet, the movies we watch, the music we listen to, and the books we read.

Inspiration, and where we receive it, is not always as noticeable as the nose on our face. Sometimes inspiration can be found in some unusual places.

For example . . .

I run a non-stop recording in my head when I am tackling overwhelming projects (keeping up with a blog, starting a book, potty training a child):

Be prepared

Stay focused

Keep going.

One time, in between projects, I was dwelling on the things that inspire me ~ things that get me moving ~ and I discovered an interesting link between the recording:

Be prepared

Stay focused

Keep going.  

I realized it had to do with a book I read years ago.

I love to read so it was no surprise that I found inspiration in a book. What was surprising was the book that inspired me.

It’s a book I would recommend to a select few people, only those I feel would get the most from it.

It wasn't so much the information in the book, although the purpose of the book helped immensely when I needed it, it was more about the principles in the book that stuck with me through all these years.

The book I am referring to:

Toilet Training in Less Than a Day, by Nathan Azin and Richard M. Foxx

Yep. That’s the book that inspired me to:

Be prepared … Stay focused … Keep going.

I sense some skepticism.

Toilet Training in Less Than a Day not only showed me how to potty train my child in 3 ½ hours, but this interesting marvel of a book taught me many valuable lessons.

If you know of anyone who has a child at the potty training age, I HIGHLY recommend this book. It is a quick read (took me about half a day to read it), the techniques are quite simple, and IT WORKS.

Otherwise, I would like to share my connection between the book and how it inspired me.

Be prepared.

The book:     Instructed me to my dress my son comfortably and provide him with a hearty breakfast, snacks, and plenty to drink. I was to make sure there would be NO interruptions: no television, no games, and no toys.
                        I was required to have all the necessary equipment readily available: training potty, doll that can go potty, patience and determination.

Inspiration: I tackle projects (not just writing, but all projects) with the same attitude. Before tackling any project I make certain I have what I need, both material and mental; things like my computer, my wits and a lot of determination.
                   I also schedule work time when I know I will not be distracted.

Stay focused.

The book:     The main topic is “potty training.” That’s it. Potty train this and potty train that. No other topic of discussion. Potty. Potty. Potty.

Inspiration: I refer to this a lot. My mind has a tendency to wonder. Ideas pop in and out so fast I lose track of them and get myself lost in my own thoughts. I have learned to stay focused in the moment. Stay focused on what is in front of me. If I catch my mind trailing, I refocus on the task at hand until it’s complete or I am satisfied with the results.

Keep going.

The book:     I will admit after about 10 minutes into the potty training I had a desire to give up. My son was not at all interested in using the potty. I had a hard time keeping him focused on our main topic of conversations: Potty Training. But, as the book encouraged, I kept going. I remained focused on the job at hand and kept at it until the desired result had been reached.

Inspiration: This may be what I reflect on most; the idea to KEEP GOING. It is easy to stop when things get a little tricky or aren't going in the right direction. KEEP GOING. It’s easy to quit, but much more rewarding to KEEP GOING.

It’s in the things that inspire us that give us strength to move on, move ahead and strive to be our best.

Inspiration can be found anywhere, even in the strangest of places.

What strange places have you found inspiration?

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